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Robb Nickels - Rap Extraordinaire

Robb Nickels is a veteran hip hop artist from Detroit, MI. He is considered, by some, the most versatile rapper ever and he doesn't mind that title at all because he can give you hot music from any style he chooses. He states that he is so versatile that he could make a hit song to a flatline tone. Robb Nickels began his professional music career on August 28, 1990, when he signed his first record deal, on his 18th birthday. Robb's first label was Ton Def Records, where he appeared as Rob Fresh on the compilation album entitled Knowledge Is Power. After that contract expired, Robb was sought out by Executive Music Producer Pepper White, the owner of Glo Records also based out of Detroit, where he signed his second record deal in 1992. While on Glo Records, Robb recorded the Detroit Techno Bass club hit entitled Wet Em Up Y'all which received a great deal of spin in the nation's hottest clubs and with on air mix DJ's. When his contract expired with Glo Records in 1994, and due to the popularity of his single, Robb Nickels, then known as Ruffneck, immediately was offered his 3rd record deal with HollowPoint Records. As a member of HollowPoint, Robb had a single release on a compilation album entitled Front Street and appeared on several other professional releases during that time frame, most notably as a member the techno bass crew Group X releasing a hit song called Throw It. After having some success with HollowPoint, Robb decided to join forces with a few friends, created 3R Entertainment in 1996 and became a member of the SW Detroit sensation called S Dubb Connection. S Dubb would become popular city wide but was never able to crack the code of major success. Over the next few years, Robb Nickels travelled the US performing anywhere he could find a show and doing collaborations with producers and artists from the Georgia and Florida areas of the United States. Also during this time Robb Nickels became a member of the well respected group called MoMath. MoMath never released any music publicly but was well known locally for their showmanship on stage. This brings us to the present. After several years of hibernation, Robb Nickels is back and with the fire in his gut that he had 30 years prior. He's an older MC now but hardly anyone can tell that he's older than 30. His lyrical skill set is unmatched, his work ethic is incredible, his stage presence is phenomenal, and his music industry knowledge is tested, tried and true. This time around he owns and operates Nickel Bag Records, he has received a formal education in digital media and internet marketing, he is a video specialist, and an excellent businessman. Now he is set and poised to truly make his presence felt in the music and film industries. Ladies and Gentlemen I give you hip hop and rap's Best Kept Secret....Robb Nickels

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